BOL International Consulting
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OTP Consulting Romania SRL

BOLconsHURO Team

  We offer advice to companies and public institutions interested in participating in the auctions, according to the Romanian laws.

     Through our consultancy services for development and implementation of grant projects, we aim to contribute actively to increase the absorption of funds allocated to Romania for the period 2014-2020..

     BOLconsHURO company will offer consulting services in cross-border projects and design (architecture, resistance, electrical and plumbing)

     In case of complex projects, each component of the project is reviewed carefully by the specialists and the customer is exposed, with advantages and disadvantages, the decision will be taken by mutual agreement between client and consultant.

     BOLconsHURO team is young, dynamic, well trained to give beneficiaries a wide range of quality services, endorsed and knowledgeable, but also to reach as many areas in developing a complex and comprehensive consultancy. Among these qualifications, we can include:

  • Master Studies in Economic Engineering and Business Management;
  • Master in Quality Education in Engineering and Business Management;
  • CNFPA recognized courses:

    -  Business Management;

    -  Human Resource Management;

    -  Management of Health and Safety at Work;

    -  architecture, resistance, electrical and plumbing.      

     BOLconsHURO company is close to its customers in all business phases::

  • Economic and financial eligibility assessment of clients and projects;
  • Identifying the best technical solutions;
  • Quality Certificate ISO;
  • Development projects for financing;
  • Tracking project throughout the implementation period;
  • Making claims for reimbursement.


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